Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

2126. Found!

I was feeling a bit under the weather this covid symptoms thank goodness...just generally unwell...couldn’t quite put my finger on what it was....probably a combination of feeling low in mood for a few days and having a migraine yesterday a duvet day it is...
Hubby went out for a walk early on so I thought I’d sort out my boots and put my summer shoes and sandals away...and then this led to me starting to sort out my scarves took ages as I do have quite a collection of sorted into winter (large), any season (any size) and special (ones that belonged to my Mom and others I paid a lot for...mainly vintage)
So that was all done by about what to do now?  
Whilst I was sorting my scarves I found this brooch pinned on to one of my winter ones...and I hadn’t even realised that I’d lost hadn’t missed it.
I’m not sure what the pink stone is...topaz?  But there are definitely seed peals on it is set in 9ct gold and although it looks old I suspect it isn’t that old.  It looks a little tarnished so I will need to clean it up a bit...goodness knows when I pinned it to that scarf...I haven’t worn that one in years.
So I decided to make it my blip today and got out my big camera and a wee light as it was pretty dull here at the time...took a few shots then instead of using my MacBook I just uploaded the images to my iPad.
I mainly use Lightroom on my iPad but decided to try out the mobile Photoshop app which I’ve never used before...for a start it doesn’t support RAW from an Olympus camera and then once I’d imported the images from the Photo app (which does support RAW) I cropped them a bit and removed some bits of wool from the brooch in the image using the rather good “heal” tool in Photoshop...all going rather well or so I thought....
I then exported them back to the Photo app on my iPad so I could upload it on Blipfoto....except it disappeared and was nowhere on the I did it again and still no sign....then it dawned on me that perhaps it had dumped the photo in a specific album...but had changed the date on the image to a random “19th February 1977” so it was at the very start of my saved photos.  Intrigued I got on to Adobe and asked what on earth was going on.  The chat wait was pretty long but eventually I got to speak to someone who hadn’t got a scooby what I was asking and kept asking me to do random things like “delete and install the app” the end I thanked them for their help but politely asked them to escalate my query as this business with changing the dates on files wasn’t really on as for this photo (which I definitely took this morning) I had to import into Lightroom then export it without metadata as Blipfoto wouldn’t have been happy for me to insist that today’s photo wasn’t indeed from 1977!
They said they would and I have now had an email asking me to video myself importing and exporting photos and send it to them...which I will do but not today as I just can’t be bothered...oh and the mobile Photoshop app DOESN’T support RAW from Olympus cameras....a bit silly really...
So here I am now having spent more than an hour trying to get a photo uploaded...but now it’s finally done...settling down to watch another couple of episodes of “Once Upon A Time”. 

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