midwife crisis

By lulubelle

Day 2 of lockdown and another beautiful Autumn day. Hubs went off for the final fitting of a crown (700 euro later) while I back blipped as the internet was finally restored and had a long dog walk and rustle through the leaves.
We preped the jeep for its NCT (MOT) which it passed, phew . Mike had to drive 45 mins to Limerick as both the local ones are booked out until January ! Backed up still from the last lockdown and a national lifting equipment problem .
Susan and I had a speedy hack out in Cangort in the afternoon. This beautiful beech tree was a blur of colour as Daisy and Molly both got a little excited along the track and whizzed past at a fair old pace. We walked back calmly to get a photo but this was all I could manage as Daisy was still rather jiggy!
Hubs made excellent veggie curry and with chutney , lime pickle, popadoms and a beer who cares we’re in lockdown?!

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