By Pinkhairedlady

Can you see me?

The puppy’s new talent is hiding under the sofa and starting to scratch underneath!

Had a good walk with my friend Susan walking across the Forth road bridge and back again including a wee saunter around the marina at Port Edgar in the middle of our day out. We tried not to think about the fact we started and finished our walk in Fife (where we’re not supposed to be at the moment) but we didn’t lick anything or touch anything!

A family walk with the puppy this afternoon where he found a bit of wood about 2 foot long and looked so proud of himself carrying it along. Didn’t take a photo though.

Nice chat with the ladies this evening and a couple of glasses of wine. Looking forward to my lie in tomorrow as I’ve volunteered for the Sunday early start (forgetting about the clocks going back - wish me luck).

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