Kit's Year

By Kit267

This Beautiful Mottled Green & Yellow Effect

Out and about most of today with a few hours work to finish off what I should have yesterday. Then I went up to the yard to work China. I took him in the school, doing some pole work to build up his back and core strength.

After a trip to the supermarket on my way home and shopping unpacked, I headed out to meet two lovely ladies for a cuppa and a catch up. We went to a new (to us) farm cafe, hoping it would be quiet. It was, we had the inside space to ourselves for most of the time. The food was good and always a winner in my book...the drinks came in a decent sized mug.

On my way back into the village the sun came out and was shining on the trees. I loved how this leaf is turning in patches and so has this beautiful mottled green and yellow effect.

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