Booky Goatherd

By Booky_Goatherd

Thursday: Hospital Statue

I had a day off today to take K for a medical procedure that was going to leave her sore and uncomfortable.  And it did.  By all accounts it was quite brutal, but also mercifully quick.  I wasn’t allowed in and had to wait outside the building but I did my best to send in good vibes.

Chilling was the order of the day after that so we watched ‘The Goldfinch’, which was pretty good.  

It seems like this might be another anniversary blip, just 15 days after my last one.  The pressure!  Anyway, it’s 11 years worth of blips but I always feel it’s a bit of a dishonest celebration as, when I was a young and keen blipper (I’m still keen.....), I uploaded a year’s worth of photos that predated my time on here.  So, really, I’ve only been doing it about 10 years, which is not nearly as impressive.

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