Beneath Biscay

By Douglian

Second wave...


I have replaced my main photo of the busker, who is now an extra. Bless. (I have huge respect, admiration for and envy of all musicians).

My new main photo is of the T.N.T. bar, near to where I live. It is a late night bar which specialises in playing rock music from the 70's and 80's,  which is my era.

Paco, the owner, was raised in Germany but has his roots in La Linea de la Frontera, opposite Gibraltar. Un tio muy majo (a lovely guy). This place really takes me back to my adolescence. Rolling Stones, The Who, Bowie, Led Zep, Deep Purple and the rest. Five years or so back my daughter had her 18th birthday party here, saying goodbye to her school friends before they headed off to do their respective things. Her to study at art school in Galicia.

Back to V1:

Well at least we have a warm and bright day with which to enjoy the first day of our newly quarantined city.

So instead of being off hiking to a waterfall deep in the countryside, it was off to buy some paint for the bathroom ceiling.

The surfers were out in force as well (extra). Not only was there a second wave, but also a third... a fourth... a fifth...

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