Beneath Biscay

By Douglian


Today as anticipated the central government, at the request of many of the regional governments, announced a nationwide curfew, with the exception of the Canary Islands. It applies from 11pm until 6am. Regional governments can vary this by up to an hour.

It also grants regional governments the power to close their borders, as they did in the spring.

These powers are extendable up to 9th May next year.

So just now it was a quick dash to take out the rubbish, grab a snap of the deserted streets and get back indoors before the witching hour.

Update: Forgot to mention that I replaced one of the hard drives on my beloved Synology NAS (network atteched server), as well as giving it a thorough, and desperately overdue, clean. It had been sending me increasingly dire messages about one of the drives for a while,  so I had already purchased a replacement. Saturday it warned me in no uncertain terms that the disk was failing, so the time to swap had arrived.

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