By BernardYoung

The Sound Of Silence

Wales ‘circuit-breaker’ lockdown,
October 23rd – November 9th
Hello Lockdown, my old friend. I see
you’ve come to visit us again. I’m
not unhappy that you’re here.
Though some are.
I’m aware you’ve arrived in time
to stop the half-term
visitors pouring in from areas
beyond this shore but I feel sure,
as long as you don’t outstay
your welcome, it’ll be ok.
How long are you here?
Seventeen days you say.
That sounds fine to me. We
are each entitled to approve
or disapprove of this latest move,
but I welcome this ‘circuit-breaker’
as a chance to take a break.
I’ll get some rest,
and enjoy the almost deserted beach
while you’re our guest.

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