David J. Rose

By djrose007

'Lest We Forget'

It's time to get our poppies for Remembrance but Covid-19 is seriously affecting our efforts in fund raising along with everything else.
Initially it was said that we would not be having the traditional stands in supermarkets and shopping malls but a lot of the supermarkets have said they would like us to be there and they would assist with the social distancing requirements etc.
You may still find a table, with RBL or RBLR (riders branch) in attendance but the merchandise will only be poppies and pins. Money would need to be put into the boxes, no handing or close contact with the people on the stand.
At least that is a good compromise. I know that TESCO in Brockworth, Gloucester have said that they would position us in the area where people enter and exit. Our normal spot would mean people would be passing too closely.

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