I Witness

By KangaZu

Abstract Thursday ....

... distortion.

This is straight out of camera with only a slight crop!  Can you tell what it could be?  Answer's later ....

Today's weather was warm enough for us to have another picnic supper out. And just like last Thursday we grabbed some take-out sandwiches and headed for Jacobsburg State Park.  We actually went to the park first for a quick walk ... going down to the Bushkill Creek (hint, hint).  After our walk we picked up our sandwiches at a nearby diner and came back to Jacobsburg to eat them in one of their pavilions.  Then we took another short walk before heading home ... after stopping at Lidl first. 

Yes .... we have a Lidl grocery store here in the States!  It's the first and only one in our area and we love it!

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