By Arachne


More Photo Festival sites today, including portraits of 100 Oxford women alongside interviews with them. There were some good pictures and some interesting texts but I'm getting increasingly irritated that the 'Women and Photography: Ways of Seeing and Being Seen' theme is almost all about 'being seen'. Where are the photographs by women not of other women? Where are the landscapes and wildlife and abstracts? Where is the fine art? Why does acknowledging women shoe-horn us into our own life stories all over again?

The final exhibition I visited today ignored the theme altogether and created its own: circles. About twenty photographs, mostly by men, that included circles of all sorts. I confess, it was a relief to escape sex.

I'd been feeling pretty uninspired about taking a picture today for what I knew would be a blipday and wondered whether I should wait until it's sunny tomorrow, but the final exhibition kicked me into gear, so here is my partial contribution to 'circles'. In extras: one I took in the same place a couple of days ago when it was sunny.

Blipdays, eh! It's 3,000 but I think I might go back and do some backblips to throw the counting system. Or, imagine, if I deleted one a day, I could have a blip day every day for ever... Shudder.

Thank you, though, for your camaraderie and for engaging with me. It's quite a fun little party we've got going here, really.

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