By Green56

Pebble Road

What a rubbish day. It has rained all day. It is actually quite cold due to the dampness. This morning I woke up later than I expected so never went shopping. I quickly hoovered downstairs. I decided to have a go at the pebble art I bought the other day. I also used one of the stones I bought from the range. I only got 2 pieces of art paper in the kit so I will use the other side and try washing the felt pen off the stones. I am not very good at these things but I enjoyed doing it. As my eyes are still bad (I've an eye test on Monday) I'm try not to spend too long on the lap top or reading so finding other things to do. Maybe its a good entry for silly Saturday!
The rain lessened so I walked to the shop as I had run out of milk. I've signed up with a milkman starting on Tuesday so I won't have the same problem again!. 

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