By Majoayee


Woke early and worked on a Blurb book which will be a Christmas present.  It involves scanning old photos etc.   Then made breakfast and shared with Ro in bed!  Spent the rest of the morning making sure the mattress didn’t move! It’s surprising how many games there are on an iPad!  We did manage to be up for lunch!
We went for a walk. Hence this photo.  I like the wet, gleaming leaves.  It was drizzling a bit when we left and gradually increased as we went round, but we managed to get back before it pelted.   

I spent more time on my book!  Now it’s Strickly!   Hope you are having a good weekend! Stay safe! Xxx

A pink ribbon!  Please could you click on this link and then on the pink bar: "Click to give - It's free!"  This is to help towards funding mammograms for people who can't afford them and don't have the NHS we have.  it’s also possible to click more than once a day so long as the clicks are more than three hours apart! 

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