By Colstro


After some cutting back in the garden this morning, together with collecting some of the fallen leaves (immediately replaced by more falling leaves) I sat down to watch the Formula 1 qualifying, coming from a new (to F1) and distinctly hilly circuit at Portimao in Portugal.  The start was delayed by a raised drain cover, which they eventually filled with concrete.  It was amusing to watch the concrete being dried with a hot air gun.

Later, when it was already getting dark, we went for a stroll in the rain.  The lights from the pub/restaurant looked distinctly inviting, but we have not yet ventured inside a pub or restaurant and, with the increasing Covid numbers, we are unlikely to for the forseeable future.  We didn't want to hang about in the rain, so this was just a quick snap with my phone, and the blip I had planned for tonight can now be saved for another day.

The new cap for the mode dial on my DSLR arrived today and I have glued it in place.  I was very sparing with the superglue as I was nervous about it spreading too far and gluing the lock button so that the dial would no longer work at all.   As a result, the cap didn't stick properly the first time.  I have tried again and I shall see how secure it is in the morning.  I might have to have another go if I'm not happy with it.

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