All is Dandy

The laziest day on record !!  And loving it :)
Reading, chatting, some gardening (minimal), golf and rugby viewing on TV, and the best was a Facetime with our Townsville family.  Hard to believe we Facetimed for two hours, it was just like we were there with them.  She started of the conversation by saying "Happy Nana and Grandad Day" to us, then we watched her painting while chatting with her Mum and Dad,  she painted us asking what colour to use for body/head/hair/eyes etc.  The end result was,  lets just say colourful and flamboyant.  
I then went out to our paddock and photographed weeds - here is one of them.  Just to be cheeky, I've tagged it for Derelict Sunday...thanks Mareliske

I've put an extra of Lexi and her Mum, they painted each faces after our FaceTime. You will notice how perilously close the black paint is to her Mums eye.


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