Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Pippi in the jungle again

Pippi is one of T's  cats, the other one being Bosun. This is my third blip of Pippi whereas I've not yet blipped Bosun at all, which isn't really fair, but I do love watching Pippi leap about - she's very agile as she's small and light, while Bosun can't compete.

T and I sat in T's garden and had hot drinks after a failed expedition to Gladhouse Reservoir. The car park which we usually use was full and there were people parked on the verges everywhere. Maybe it's to do with people not travelling as far afield as before the latest rules came in (we aren't supposed to go outside of the Lothians) and not car-sharing (T and I did travel separately). And possibly people are getting out of the city while they can as there's the threat of Level 4 hanging over us from 2 November onwards which would be similar to the first stage of lockdown. Any future expeditions will need to be planned bearing all that in mind.

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