By LincolnWarrior

City Buzzard

No chance of enjoying an extra hour in bed this morning with a cat that can't tell the time . Minstrel woke me up early wanting feeding . I did go back to bed for a short time .Once up properly a lazy morning which included watching a very enjoyable NRL rugby league final .
We then decided to go out and enjoy a walk in what was lovely conditions Sun and blue sky. We didn't venture to far as we wanted to go do the weekly shop this afternoon so as we had tomorrow free to go for a day out. 
This mornings walk took us down the river bank. As we was heading back we spotted this Common buzzard up above us which was nice to see especially as we was nearly back home. Probably not as good a shot as the one the other week but really like it against the blue sky.
Shopping done this afternoon so a relaxing evening with a film tonight . Cant believe how dark it is and its only just gone 5 .

In other news I am committed to blip for another year just renewed my membership for another year so no escaping me .

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