By Pinkhairedlady

Spot the puppy.....

Didn’t sleep as long as I had hoped despite my early night but wasn’t too sleepy despite my 6.20 wake up call with the puppy. I guess no one told his tummy that the clocks had gone back!

Managed to keep him occupied until 7.30 before he got fed and I was able to make myself something to eat. I feel guilty in the morning eating before he’s had his breakfast!

Out for my walk in lovely autumn sunshine and arrived home an hour later to icy rain. quick shower and off to the pet superstore for Phin’s puppy groom appointment where I was hoping to get his front claws clipped. He apparently enjoyed the bath, the drying and the general handling but was too excited to sit still enough to have more than 2 claws clipped. Will just need to take him out for more pavement walks to wear them down.

We had planned to take him to a beach for the the first time but we binned that’s idea in favour of getting a desk for Miss PHL to work at as using her dads study isn’t working as well as we’d hoped.

I managed to empty the dining room of all but the sideboard unit and the table so we’re ready for the building works to start - just waiting to hear that the bifold doors we’ve ordered are with the supplier before we agree a start date for the works.

A delicious Chinese meal delivered for dinner with leftovers for lunches and sitting with a glass of wine watching a behind the scenes programme on Hotel Chocolat- delicious!

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