Dolly's Day

By dollydoug


Weather was nice and sunny so Tino decided to sit on my bedroom windowsill and enjoy the warmth of the sun.  He was determined not to look at the camera as I took these photos. Silly boy.

Today's musical link brings back childhood memories as we actually had the record of this song and played it often.

I Taut I Taw A Puddy Tat  by Mel Blanc

I haven't done much today but I did make a start on packing away some of my Summer clothes and fishing out some knitwear ready for the cooler weather arriving.

Then at 4.30pm it was time for the footie.  It was on Sky and I watched  watched on my computer.  Newcastle were playing away at Wolves.  The game was boring.  Neither team played well but Newcastle were certainly not the best team on the pitch.  They went one nil down but managed to equalise in the dying minutes of the match.  So it ended 1 - 1.  Good result in the end I suppose.  Just wish it had been a bit more exciting to watch.

Steps today - 3,599

CORONA CLASSIC - John Davis performs "The Rainstorm" by Blind Tom Wiggins

Another for Black History Month.   Thomas ‘Blind Tom’ Wiggins (1849 - 1908)  was born the son of slaves and was an American musical prodigy on the piano.  By age five Tom reportedly had composed his first tune, The Rain Storm after a torrential downpour on a tin roof. By the age of 10 he was the highest paid pianist of the 19th century. Wiggins  travelled throughout North America performing music by Bach, Beethoven and his own works. He also wrote more than 100 piano compositions in a 19th-century parlour style.

Crucially, ‘Blind Tom’ was one of the most celebrated black concert performers of the 19th century, but in comparison to contemporary virtuosos like Liszt and Rubinstein, he is virtually unknown today. No original recordings of Blind Tom appear to exist. His sheet music is available, but only a small number of musicians have ever recorded his original songs.  Although he lived and died before autism was described, he is now regarded as an autistic savant.

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