By earthdreamer

The Clocks Went Back

I've written about this before. Since our timekeeping is mostly done via devices hooked up to the internet, there's little fuss made about the clocks changing these days. It just happens. No one has to remember any more - except me, that is, because my phone is technologically challenged in that respect, a feature - or lack of a feature - that I happily embrace. I like to be in control. Except I was unprepared for the change this morning, I woke up to a bright morning, following a late night, with not nearly enough sleep. It's left me frazzled.

I made the most of a rare dry day with a cycle ride up the Dale, finding the roads as busy as at any time I can remember. I guess it's good to see. So many more people are spending the weekend in the countryside as opposed to shopping centres. I've never seen so many cars parked up on the roadsides. 

I got back in time to watch the end of the Giro, a direct shootout between Tao Geoghegan Hart from London and Jai Hindley from Australia, tied on exactly the same time after 20 days of racing. The last few days in the mountains have proved the most spectacular and absorbing cycling. I wanted to record here that the unusually named and lovely lad from the East End duly did the business and won Italy's postponed grand tour, something no one could seriously have predicted when it all kicked off three weeks ago. The world of cycling now belongs to a whole new cohort of young guns, hopefully untainted by the issues of the previous generation. There's no finer sport to watch, other than cricket, of course!

The Vuelta is now on in Spain and we have the possibility of seeing 9 different Grand Tour winners in the last three years. It's hard to imagine that ever having happened before. Come on Dan Martin! This is your year,

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