Pouring Wine

Surprised to be put on the same table in Sem Fim tonight, as the rule in Portugal is five (where do they pluck these numbers from?), but as Gunilla said, the wording is ambiguous - five, unless you're in the same household, and we are two to a household... Ah well, good to catch up with these friends from Holland and Sweden, and to eat Sem Fim's delicious food again.

Church three times today - two livestreams from our church in Sutton, and walked to Mass at the local church. Thought about lying on the grass and Blipping the perky celandines, but then it started raining again. 

Lunch at Cecílio and Ermelinda's - just soup, they said. Ha! Cecílio is incapable of serving just soup. 

- more wonderful rain, hoping the Lake starts filling up soon
- a very sociable day - first time since I came back, feels good
- a nap, listening to the rain outside, so cozy

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