Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Outside M&S

So there I was this morning, having set out in brilliant sunshine to walk round the reserve, finding that by the time I'd got just far enough not to scuttle home it began to pour.  So I walked on into town and sheltered in the doorway of M&S.  Also there was this beautiful greyhound, tied up with a pal. 

Suddenly, just as I'd begun blipping I heard a voice say, "Who's that mad woman kneeling on the pavement?"  It was my good friend, Sue, and before we knew it we were being given disapproving looks for stopping in the entrance ;(

Not a lot else.  K's visitor as gone and Hazel is no longer squeaking at me but I feel ridiculously tired.  Never mind, gentle evening.

Hope your week has begun well  xx

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