Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Sulking Room Pink

This is for today's TinyTuesday and my 'word ending in R' is 'colour'.  Very many thanks to ApolloFly for hosting

Well it's been p*ssing with rain all day and clearly an indoor shot was required.  So on our very soggy doggy walk this morning I collected various bits of this and that, all of which needed a thorough drying off above the radiator before blipping.  They are placed on a small section of a posho Farrow & Ball colour chart (why did we have F+B in the house?  I have no idea, never having risen much above white emulsion from Homebase).  Many of the colours had fairly potty names.  You can only half see but bottom left is 'Nancy's Blushes'.  However, my favourite just had to be 'Sulking Room Pink'.

The only other thing I've done outside is sweeping the wet lime leaves from the front steps before the delivery driver slips up, cuts his face open and drops the quantities of book parcels K seems to be ordering at the moment.  And I only got there just in time!!

Have a happy evening, when you get there  xx

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