Rodents rule

By squirk

Paint the suburbs red

The trees down some of the local streets are looking glorious. Knowing there was rainy weather coming in the afternoon, Fred and I headed out for a walk early, walking to Dulwich Park with a coffee at the art gallery, then back through Herne Hill and Brockwell Park. We popped by a friend's house to pick up a bulb tool as I have a gazillion bulbs to plant and only a dibber to help. This bulb tool might be just the thing.

A little later, I tried the bulb tool but it's a bit cumbersome in the clay soil. I got in the snake's head fritillary and the snowdrops, so that's two packs down. Let's see if the squirrels behave.

We watched Borat 2 this evening. There were several parts that I was too embarrassed to watch – I hid behind a cushion. Very silly.

I won the Virtual Pub Quiz! Scott got the wooden spoon with Mum and Rory in the middle.

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