By lynnjones7186


The  iron that I have had for over four years started losing heat whilst I was using it.  I had the temperature setting on linen for doing basic ironing, which I knew was'nt good.  When it then started leaking dirty water onto the items being ironed I knew there was a serious problem.   Hubby looked at it and agreed that a new iron was needed.  We planned to go and get one today.  However, when he was out yesterday looking for something else, he spotted a great iron, a good brand that was discounted to almost half price.  So he came home with a new iron for me.  Today the engineer in him had to find out why my old iron had failed. So a post-mortem was carried out.  Having striped it down, by basically attacking it with a heavy duty screwdriver, we finally got a look at the inside of the hotplate.   As you can see it is badly rusted.  So if you ever wondered what your iron looks like inside you now have some idea.

The past few days have been very quiet.  We still use a Tuk tuk  to go out at night and for some reason a very young boy, around 3 or 4, has taken to waving to us.  It is so funny.  Our driver now flashes his headlights as we are approaching the stall where the boy is so he knows to look up from whatever toy he is playing with and wave to us. I wave with through the back of the tuk tuk using both hands.  It makes other people laugh as well.  So despite the monotony of not being able to do much we still find things to laugh about. 

I hope you all find things to make you laugh.  Stay safe and well.

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