By Freyjad

Pencil & Sharpener

The Pencil Sharpener looked a bit lost on it's own so I added in the pencil just for good measure. It's been a day of constant rain and wind so an indoor blip was very welcome.

I lost my favourite gloves when I went to the Steampunk event a couple of weeks ago;  they were made by Montane and as luck had it I'd chosen the perfect pair, they were warm, waterproof and best of all I could still operate the camera while wearing them.  Yesterday I had to admit they weren't going to turn up and so I ordered what I thought were the same pair; unfortunately when they arrived they were too big and the palms and underside of the finger sections have what looks and feels like a rubber surface making them far too bulky.  I shall have to return them and see if I can find a store which stocks them.

Thank you for visiting my journal, it's very much appreciated.

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