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It Went Downhill From Here

As per the saying ‘Red sky at morning, sailors take warning’ - our day went downhill weather wise. I could see that there was a reddish glow when I opened our lounge curtains this morning - so I nipped out to the end of the drive to capture this wonderful sky - just after 7 a.m. Blip sorted.

By 8 a.m. it was raining and hasn’t really let up since. Mostly light and drizzly with occasional bursts of heavier stuff. I did get out for walk - decided that the reproofing on my coat that I did a couple of weeks hasn’t really worked, time for a new one I think. Really annoying as it is not that old and hasn’t really been used in rain very much.

A day of housework (well - only an hour or so, but it feels like a long time).

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