By Viewpoint

Ayton Wood Day2

Experimenting with multiple exposure, this time with my Canon camera.  I really wanted to see what changes I might make mid-sequence and so far I haven’t found any, though I might keep looking.  Maybe I can change white balance or exposure compensation.  I’m not sure.  This was the most successful sequence (4 images in-camera blend)  but badly underexposed. Because it was a RAW file I’ve been able to bring  back the detail.  This one was blended with Darken mode, which was much more successful than lighten.  (Two of the blend modes that Glenys Garnett talked about in her Zoom presentation last Sunday.)

Lots of fungi around the rotting tree and I had chance to have another look at the bright orange ones to see if there was any evidence of stems, which there wasn’t.  There were also some of the ink-cap family about, which I didn’t see yesterday, plus Amethst Deceivers emerging on the other side of the track.  They were really difficult to in the gloom of the woodland floor.

What else?  Merv came and assembled my new shelving unit - it only took him 3 and a bit hours, but he thinks he’s got the hang of it now and maybe we could have another one.  I shouldn’t joke - I think it would have been easier to use the uprights and brackets that have to come down from the old shed.  It struck me at one point how comfortable it felt to have someone else in the house, even though we were doing different things in different places.   The Yorkshire Water plumber arrived as scheduled who was a very cheery young man - I now have a water meter - will it save me money is the question.

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