By Viewpoint

Ayton Wood

I needed time outside after a zoom session in the morning with two other members of the Contemporary Group.  No fall out between the three of us, but disagreement and upset with others.  Hopefully we are on a path to resolve the problem amicably now.  

My day started early and so did the rain, earlier than I expected, so my washing stayed indoors.  As I had a little time on my hands before our Zoom meeting I began to follow one of Glenys Garnett’s videos on layering images as I’d watched her presentation the previous afternoon and decided that it was time I learnt a few more techniques in Photoshop.  (I've included the image I was playing with in extra - the masking is a bit crude so don’t look closely. The background images were taken in Ayton Wood in Feb 2018.)

So back to the afternoon. I wanted to experiment with multiple exposure with my Olympus Camera - it will take two images on auto-gain (which I think means it averages out the darks and lights).  I wanted to see if I could change settings between the two exposures and I don’t think I can, so I think I need to go back to my Canon camera to do this - it’s heavier and not the camera I naturally turn to these days, but it will cope with multi-exposures better than my Olympus.

So after a frustrating session trying multiple exposures of trees in the wood, I headed home and then spotted this fungi around this fallen Silver Birch tree.  I think the blue purple ones are Wood Blewit (the slugs thought so too) and I’m not sure about the desiccated brown ones, nor about the orange ones which I need to look up. 

I struggled to make a choice for my Blipfoto yesterday, so needed to save it for this morning (I can just see an amazing glow of yellow light through the gap in the curtains - I need to go and look.)

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