Capital adventures

By marchmont


I woke during the night worrying about today's all day Board Strategy Day but as often happens the day went well with no real glitches. It was a productive day but it did make my head hurt.  However, until the rain started it was fun being distracted by the squirrels (eating the nuts), the birds (eating the berries and the seeds) and the fox on the shed roof.

We finished slightly early so since then I have caught up with some 'house' stuff, including planting an amaryllis. Outside it is wet, dark and cold and I'm feeling the benefits of working from home - no trudging up the hill in the gloom!

I have another interesting meeting shortly which may mean the end of this piece of work.  We'll see.

Willow started to come out of her shell today.  Sat on the couch for a bit and under the table.  An she really likes tuna. 

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