By LincolnWarrior

Three's A Crowd

Today we had booked to go to Belton house near Grantham to search out a blip. Due to covid we had to book a time slot to enter the grounds and because we didn't book till Monday evening the earliest we could get in was 12.30 so a bit of a late one. We made the most of the time we had and enjoyed a walk around the grounds and then headed to the wood area in search of some deer which was the main reason for going there. We was lucky enough to come across a group of about 8 just sat around relaxing at a social distance . They did decided to get up and head into the undergrowth but not before we had got a few shots. Upon returning to the carpark area we came across 3 more very close to the roadside . More of my shots can be seen HERE which a mix of shots of the grounds and Deer.
Back home relaxing with a couple of beers and some general TV. 
Thinking now about where to go Friday in search of a blip but a little limited as the counties next to us are going to be level 3 
covid so advised not to travel to them but I'm sure I can find something in Lincolnshire to finish off my weeks holiday 

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