By Kipsie

I ducked the showers to get this one,

the birds were the nearest  opportunity for me to snap animals today, I was on the lookout for cattle or sheep but none to be had. There is a huge flock of Mallard ducks  on the pond  at Ugbrooke probably relieved to be still alive. I'm not sure if they shoot duck on the estate but the guns could be heard yesterday on one of the paid pheasant shoots. The trees around the pond are turning colour & look fabulous. Cock & hen pheasant were  in the lanes, disappearing up into the hedge as I drove through on my way back. I was fortunately in the car when the heavens opened again.
Still on the ornithological theme - I received a very jolly message & two pics of a kingfisher from Jorgiesmum early this morning. Her second visit to the hide paying off. One very happy Blipper. :-)
I nipped up the allotment to drop off some potted fuchsia cuttings & veg waste for the composter. My new plot neighbours have been active. Two ladies, Diana, the clerk of the council, one of them. Not there this morning though. It was'nt really allotment weather.
I had a phone call from Greenpeace this morning telling me about the work they are doing before asking if I would be able to donate £10 per month.
I made the filling for my Bombay potato & spinach pies, which I'll fill & bake in the morning before I head over to see Josie & Sandy. We were going to meet up in a cafe  but they are fully booked. A very popular eatery, so without spending too much time ringing around for somewhere else we decided to meet at Josie's. Sandy making something scrummy, she makes THE best brownies. I volunteered to make a savoury.
I cut hubby's hair this afternoon, potted on 3 St Paulia, then got knitting. I have a few oddments of wool so I'm going to make a woolly hat & scarf for George's plant pot man (A garden ornament). I won't tell him what I've done, just see how long it takes for him to notice,  for a laugh.
I normally bake fish in the oven as I don't like frying, because it's not healthy, & it stinks the house out even with the extractor fan working full on & the window open BUT tonight I did battered haddock ... It was tasty & nice for a change but so messy & smelly. I won't be cooking fish like it again for awhile. If hubby wants battered fish it will be from a chippie. :-)
Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting Wide Wednesday with the challenge 'Animals'

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