Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Lockdown #2 in 3... 2...

friday at midnight
we'll go into new lockdown

President Macron has announced a new lockdown, to start on Friday at midnight, and to end on 1st December "at least"... The aim is to lower the daily number of new infections to 5,000, when there are officially ten times more than this at the moment. Professor Delfraissy, head of the Scientific Council, said immediately that this can't happen in just a month. We'll see, but it is possible we'll have a very peculiar Christmas.

It will be less stringent than the first lockdown, as schools will remain open, as will public services (post offices, tax offices etc.), and a lot of activities will go on (the construction industry, for one), but most shops will have to close down (except those who sell food). However, this is, I think, a very unfair treatment: while bookshops and clothes shops will be required to close for the duration, supermarkets can continue to sell books and clothes... People are of course asked to work remotely as much as possible, to avoid contacts in public transportation and in the workplace.

What a year. Hopefully, this time I can continue with my physio and aqua therapy sessions, though the latter is doubtful, as there are always several of us in the pool, and this will not be encouraged to continue, I'm afraid. Of course my trumpet and music theory lessons will be put on hold. Maybe I can organise to have remote trumpet lessons during the new lockdown.

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