By Veronica

Just a tree

... and some vines. Alternative for pylon fans in extra; I couldn't decide between these two. Yes, the vines in autumn theme continues -- how can it not?

Last day before lockdown today. We are already pretty well supplied with essentials, but my first job was to go and buy 10 litres of wine from the cooperative: 5 of white, 5 of red. Should keep us going for a good while, especially given that we can't invite anyone to help us drink it.

We've got back into Zoom mode already: yesterday evening we had a virtual apero with lapsed blipper Bundle, and tomorrow we are having another one with some Scottish friends whom we haven't seen for too long. They can't do it tonight as they are having a Zoom wine-tasting. So we're on our own by the fire with some chestnuts to roast.

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