By Veronica


I took advantage of ten minutes of late-afternoon sunshine on an otherwise overcast day for a stroll down the allée des platanes, which is looking so magnificent. Alternatives: click right from here.

In the morning I went to the market in Lézignan. It was heaving. I haven't seen so many people there in months. I think I know why ... everyone was stocking up. On the way home I went to the organic shop to panic-buy flour and yeast ... the flour shelf was already half empty and there was a long queue at the checkout. I met S and T there, looking puzzled. "Why is it so crowded in here?" "Macron's announcement this evening, we're all panic buying."

And the announcement has duly been made ... back in full lockdown for a month, except that schools will stay open. It had been widely trailed, so not really a shock. But it is demoralising to see the numbers racing upwards.

Apart from that ... I made some sourdough sticky buns which turned out quite well. And having bought my supplies of dried fruit and candied peel, I made four jars of mincemeat from Mary Berry's recipe that uses butter instead of suet. I also substituted Cointreau for the brandy. Now looking at Christmas cake recipes. Clearly no chance of putting weight on during lockdown!

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