Lost in Thought

By steveng

Turkish Delight

Today is our 37th wedding anniversary which we celebrated in fine style by failing yet again to buy Gill any new winter walking boots, but we did at least get her some more of her favourite tea!  We were in Lockwood's in Leamington which is the place to go locally for good mountain sport kit.  The chap in the boots section said he had sold over 40% more than he would normally expect to have by this stage of the year and all of the manufacturers are having problems keeping up with the demand. Guess this is people deciding to go for a walk in lockdown periods and/or staycations in the UK.  We'll get a text when they have some more stock in!

We're off out celebrating tomorrow when we're expecting the weather might be a little better.  Two of our friends brought us this box of Turkish Delight as a gift today.

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