Rock Carvings Lake Taupo

Our wedding anniversary today so we stayed near Taupo to give us a chance of finding a good restaurant this evening.   In the morning we took a boat trip on the lake around to Mine Bay to see a Maori Rock Art carving, in the main blip, and in the afternoon we drove to the Orakei Korako Geothermal Area to see the thermal pools and bubbling mud.  I've put a couple more in the Flikr folder.

A great meal in The Vine in Taupo - now back at the DOC site next to the lake.

Sadly -  a frustrating day with our bank - my credit card came up with a verification problem when I tried to buy a NZ$10 mobile top-up.   Tanks of diesel and groceries had been ok.  Followed by some problem with the security verification questions so the card is now blocked.  We have others so we can continue to pay for things, but to 'resolve' the issue I need to go into a local branch ... I'l leave you to imagine how they reacted to me explaining that with us being in New Zealand that is not really practical :-)

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