Spooky Spokey (MM249)

Short on ideas today - so my mono Monday effort is a collection of Spoke Keys.  Normally used for truing the wheels on a bike.  12 images at f11 focus stacked together.

I did once build a set of wheels for my road bike - not at all easy, but very satisfying in a Zen sort of a way.

Edit - Lightroom has been running a little slowly recently - just realised the 1TB drive I keep my photos on is up at 90% full .... soon to be replaced by a 4TB.  I may have to get better at clearing out the dross!

Thanks to everyone who visited and/or commented yesterday - Charelcote is a great resource and always good for a blip.  Half term this week though - so I'll probably leave it until school restarts.

35th wedding anniversary today!

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