Lost in Thought

By steveng

Picturesque Derelict (DS112)

I suppose if I were to be a piece of derelict machinery,  this would not be so bad a place to rust away .... this old Sluice gate is next to the Dene on the Charlecote Park estate and although the wheels turn, the rack is too far from the pinion to lift the paddle and much of the wooden frame is in a dire state.

We had a walk around the deer park this afternoon in polarising filter sunshine James enjoyed the scarecrow hunt and Ariadne decided to do her best halloween monster impression - see extras.

Thanks to everyone who commented on yesterday's effort - the notion of printing a few images and pinning them up is one I found in a David DuChemin video - I quite like his approach and presentational style.  He separates photography into Craft i.e. operating the camera and Vision - what is included or excluded from the image,  what do you want to say, how might you say that.

This is one of his about editing images - and picking which ones to spend the time on.  Warning - he does use some colourful language - he's not a fan of the Canon v Nikon v mirror less debate and makes his point quite clearly :-)

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