Printing (EB)

We often say at the camera club that we should print images more often.  Two of the members bring along a noticboard and clip on anything the rest of us have printed as a way of encouraging that and it prompts a 'show & tell' for half time.

I've decided I should have a few more up in the room I use as an office hence the Ikea notice board.

An EB as I have missed the daylight and have things to do before our daughter arrives tomorrow with her family.  So I'll probably blip James and/or Ariadne which will be much more interesting :-)

Edit - well that worked well,  Gill has just looked at the one of the yellow taxi and suggested a couple of minor changes which help.

Thanks to everyone who saw and commented on my Warwickshire Poppies yesterday - there should be something similar at the end of next week as the Poppies in Kineton will be set out around the war memorial.

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