Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

A TRUE emergency.

Rain stopped play; I was over the doorstep long enough to dodge twixt the drops and empty a mere 0.3" out of the rain-gauge.
Jerra came, as customary for a Thursday bro-bond. Either it was still wet - OR he's exposed a sufficiency of pixels since he didn't even have the usual prowl of the hinterlands in case. . . .
This lady hasn't, so far as I can check, not seen centre stage except as a "Side-show", way back here.  Curious thing is - although I see her daily I've never realised she's not quite monochrome.  I also can't remember if I'd noticed her missing digit.  I managed to add her staff with reasonable ease.  I can see, but NO idea if I can improve on the fact her head's been re-glued; or if I have the skill to add her finger.

it's another I'd shy away from close scrutiny - I found a sever shadowectomy essential; go too close and it'll be too obvious.

As an afterthought:-
Having a number of spare extras - constructive criticism:-
Which one?  Later - on the flash shot the glue doesn't 1/2 stand out, must see what I can do.

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