By KatesGardenPDX

The End-of-October Garden

Gosh it was gorgeous today! Chilly this morning, but an absolutely perfect fall day. Mid-60'sF (18C) brilliant blue skies, no wind and bright sun. I did some botanical garden correspondence and went for a long walk, followed by some errands and finally some clean up in the garden. The bin is now chock full and won't be picked up until next Tuesday, so will have to make a pile as I work through the gardens. 

But there's still plenty of life left in the gardens....this is one of the Chantilly Snapdragons - perhaps it's peach since I purchased two starts from Annie's Annuals. It's really coming into it's own these days - loving the cool, damp weather. With a bit of luck it will winter over. I've got it in a spot where it doesn't get enough sun and can't be seen very well...lesson learned. But it's about to bloom again!

Thursday evening now....always look forward to Friday and the weekend. 
Thanks so much for your kind comments and stars on yesterday's visit to my friend's gorgeous balcony overlooking the marina!

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