By KatesGardenPDX

Kate out of the Garden

I visited my parents this afternoon...as I always do on Wednesday afternoons. They live in Vancouver, WA, just over the Oregon border. We had a nice lunch together followed by another backgammon tournament (of 3 games) which my mother handily beat me at. Understand, at age 92 with Parkinson's, she can barely pick up the dice, and her eyesight is so bad that she can't see the dice. But her mind is fairly sharp and we manage quite well and it's really lovely time together. 

We have a dear friend who we count as being in our "bubble" (one of only two people we allow into our house these days) who just moved to a condo in an interesting place in Portland called Tomahawk Island, very close to the Washington State border. We made a date for a visit today, so I spent the late afternoon/early evening with her. Today's blip is evidence of our lovely time together on her balcony overlooking the marina there. It reminds me a bit of where I grew up in coastal Massachusetts...not the marina per se, but the water and the boats and seagulls. So much fun. 

It was such lovely day to visit....watching the boats and the blue sky and the planes overhead (yes, she's near the airport and we saw UPS, FedEx and Alaska Airlines planes taking off). For a short while, I forgot about the layers of angst in the world. 

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