By TheOttawacker

Not sure who the TV ban is hitting harder

For various reasons, which need not be delved into in great detail here, suffice it to say that Father Ted might not be the best influence on a seven-year-old boy ("Ye're a big fecking eejit dad"), television was removed from Ottawacker Jr. for a draconian two-week punishment.

While the three of us sat in our various corners ruminating on the error of our ways, it quickly became clear that there was only going to be one loser in this struggle: the big fecking eejit himself.

Still, I know the value of a line in the sand as well as the next big fecking eejit, and as such I have joined in with LEGO building, Yahtzee games, Monopoly (sweet Jeezus), and other such attempts to drag Ottawacker Jr. back from the very pit of doom into which television wishes to drag him.

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