Another Day

By BlackTulip

Not a clue

what this is, other than a toadstool.

My local friend rang early this morning (and woke me up) suggesting a very leisurely walk around the woods, as her husband, like mine, frog-marches her round the block.  We were very slow and enjoyed it enormously.  Then back to hers for coffee and a natter.  We don't seem quite as paranoid about things as we were, but we did wash our hands well when we got in etc., etc.,

Back home and I only managed half my lunch before the grocery delivery arrived.  I keep ordering Philadelphia Light with Chives, but they keep sending me Garlicky Herbs, so it keeps going back as I'm not a garlic fan.  They also sent me diced beef with today as the use-by date, so that's had to go in the freezer.  I will complain.

An interesting Inter-Club competition last night (we didn't do well) and as usual I didn't sleep so decamped to bedroom 2 for the second time this week.

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