By feorlean

LD 220 One chance

I drove back from Edinburgh late, having had a Zoom meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee until after 7.00.   

The Rest and Be Thankful was closed by the Old Military Road diversion was still operating, in heavy rain.  I hardly had to wait any time and was the last car in a short convoy.

Just as I got level with where the big landslip was in early August I glanced up at the hill and saw this - the lights illuminating the gouge that has been left, where work is being done to stabilise the slope.   

I had one chance to take a picture so I stopped, lowered the window, found my phone and took it.   I then had to catch up with the large lorry I was behind which had moved on a considerable distance.

It is, perforce, an impressionistic image (not least because annoyingly I hadn't switched off my phone's default attempt  to improve the light)  but I think it is effective none the less and it does show the major work that is being done at all hours to try and mitigate the possibility of further disruption, whilst at the same time consultation has started on the possible routes for a new road. 

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