An oak merger

Anyone watching me walk around this tree might have thought me bonkers, I do like the odd merge.
I was going to make a trip to Morrison's to do a shop, then realised it was Friday ... ARGH!!!! & Halloween on the horizon .... Double ARGH!!!! Busy supermarket  + uncontrolled children = the worst combination, so I did an easy shop at the Coop in town. Grabbed a couple of sticky buns, next stop Mum's. She had just got back from walking her dog. She really is getting forgetful. It's happened really suddenly. :-(  My brother had suggested she take a Vit D tab everyday, to help her immune system, it's also good for bones so I'd picked up a tub in the pharmacy. The Ibuprofen gel is helping with her aches now that she's using it regularly, so that's a relief. No pun intended. We had coffee & chat, sorted out the receipts for Dot, from the Office for National Statistics. Mum's received her Winter Fuel Allowance so that info needs to be passed on as well. I gave Mum one of the Bombay pies I made as I knew she liked them. It was Mum that first chose one for her lunch at a garden centre when we where are on our way home from a holiday.
Got home, hubby was picking out the winners (gee gees), it was a bit mizzly but the front hedge needed attention,. I popped the meat in the oven (I was making faggots), then went outside for a tidy up.I need to cut the hedge with the electric hedge cutter but I can't find the circuit breaker & I'm not prepared to use it without. Gardening finished, meat cooked. Made lunch. Made the faggots.The cooked meats should be minced but I don't have a mincer. When I lived in Thailand I got to make do with what was available. The fresh pork from the market was freshly killed .. head to tail just part of life over there. You could buy minced pork, or you could buy the fresh pieces of pork and prepare them at home. Mince was pork chopped with a cleaver as I learned from my Thai friends all of whom were great cooks. That was how I used to prepare my meats for faggots so I used the same method today as one of the kitchen utensils that came home was my Chinese cleaver. They are looking pretty good, and it's time to get them cooking for dinner.  The bananas need using evolybab  ... there are little black flies congregating. LOL!!! Banana cake, my go to recipe, again from Thailand. BYE!!!!

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