Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Keep Out

I watched Master of Photography on Sky Art this afternoon. Sky Art has recently been added to Freeview and this is the first series made in 2016. I haven't been following the series but i watched this one where the subject was Irish Landscape. The expert for today's programme was Franco Fontana whose speciality seems to be fairly abstract landscapes, very attractive but it's fine art photography and not classic landscape. They were all flown out to Kerry to photograph the landscape. In my opinion the best of the images was by Neil Gruer who was ejected at the end and another I thought tremendous was panned. One of the images which was commended was of some fallen trees, a shocking thing in nasty colour. I appreciate that the photographer who lasts the distance is probably going to be quite a different sort of photographer from most of us but I wasn't very impressed by the judges opinions.

Anyway despite the foul weather, I set my little Fuji to 'Acros' black and white simulation and went out in a cynical mood. I stopped at an abandoned road and walked down through the woodland. My blip is the one that spoke to me. It's a gateway behind a built up bank (presumably to keep unwanted travellers out). I like the mistiness caused by the warm day and the falling rain.

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