Still Rockin'

By RockArea

Luscombe Birches

It was horrendous night as Storm Aiden rolled in blowing everything around and the rain lashing down. I woke at about six to hear a tremendous gust of wind and the sound of fairly heavy chair being blown across the flagstones below. It kept it up through the morning until about midday when it gave way to bright sunlight.

I went out in the afternoon hoping to find a silver birch in its autumn dress. They're such lovely trees but the ones out in the open tend to lose their leaves very quickly. The smaller and more sheltered ones are likely to keep their leaves a little longer. I think the tree in my blip illustrates this very well. The tall tree has lost its leaves in the higher levels but lower down it has its leaves as does the smaller tree to its right.

It seems our PM Boris 'Too Little Too Late' Johnson is going to put us in a month long lockdown. Inevitable, but if he'd done it earlier, a fortnight might have been sufficient. 

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