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Flower Friday (Friday 30th October 2020)

Since I blipped my young Boston Ivy two weeks back all the leaves have been blown away, apart from these younger leaves that are hanging on to the outbuilding loo window. Oddly the leaves near the base look like virgina creepers but as they clamber to the top they turn into the real thing.
I took another shot of this on Monday with my K-5 but chose my sepia copper beech leaves instead, so returned today with my LX100 for another go.

30.10.2020 (1926 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
The Velvelettes - Since You've Been Loving Me (recorded 7-8 July 1966, Hitsville, Detroit MI)
I've reached the Velvelettes, led by Cal Gill, in my Motown sweep. They were one of the most underrated girl groups, although they did have a few singles that were hits. Like many Motown groups more was left in the can than was ever released at the time, though there are a couple of expansive anthologies on CD now. This one comes from The Motown Sound 2CD in this extended stereo mix, although it did actually appear on a B-side on the Soul label in 1966. The A-side was These Things Will Keep Me Loving You Dear, but I prefer this.

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